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'Min klins (intruders)!' I hear someone scream.
I rush outside. There they are. Finn and Murphy. Holding guns. Holding my people back. Who do they think they are? And where is Lexa?! And Indra?! Oh god, they better come back soon.
'Finn stop,' I say while I walk over to them.
'Heda, ste kefa (be careful),' Nyko says.
'Nou get yu daun, Nyko (don't worry). They won't hurt me. Hofli (I hope),' I say to him.
I really don't think they are going to hurt me. Bellamy wouldn't let them. But you never know.
'We're are they?' Finn screams angry.
I look questioned at Finn. Is he serious?
'Do you really think I would capture my own friends? Finn, what's the matter with you?' I ask him getting angry.
'They're here and I know it!' He screams angry at me.
'Finn, I don't have them! They are not here! Why don't you understand that? Why do you think I would keep them here?!'
Suddenly Finn points his gun towards my chest.
'Finn stop. You don't want to do this. Bellamy's going wild if he finds out that you killed his girlfriend,' Murphy says trying to stop him.

'Kefa, Heda (careful, commander),' Nyko says a little more scared.

'I don't care. I just want my friends back,' Finn says ignoring Nyko and Murphy.
Someone jumps up and tries to run to Finn but Finn's faster and shoots him. He's dead. It took one bullet. Then there are more people running towards Finn.
'Bak op (stay back)!' I scream to everyone. There's a little boy running towards Finn but Finn shoots him and that's when I snap. He killed a little boy! I walk angry over to Finn and try not to get a bullet through my head. When I reach him I grab the gun and point it towards him.
'You've killed eighteen of my people. You will pay for that Finn. Not today, but you will pay for it,' I say angry.
I look to my right and see Clarke, Octavia and Bellamy. Great. Just in time. Really, great. Couldn't they come earlier.
'I found you,' Finn says with a smile.
'Are you serious?! You killed eighteen of my people and then you go walk around all happy? Well that's not gonna work Finn! You killed a little boy!' I scream angry at him.
'Emily put the gun down,' Bellamy says.
I keep my gaze at Finn but I eventually put the gun down.
'You're lucky Finn. Next time, you're not,' I say before I trow the gun on the ground.
I walk over to Nyko. He's sitting next to the boy. I sit next to Nyko and place my hand on his shoulder. I wanted to see Bellamy and the others so desperately, but now? Now they can just walk away.
'I'm sorry. I didn't really know him but I bet my life he was a great kid,' I say softly.
'Yeah, he was,' Nyko whispers.


'I'm sorry about Finn. It was wrong. I think he is losing his mind. He was so desperate to find them,' Bellamy says while he holds me.
We wanted to have some alone time.
'He wanted to find Clarke, Bellamy. He doesn't care about the others. He only cares about Clarke. Didn't you see what he did to get to her? He killed people. He killed a lot of them. I can't let that go so easily Bell. Every grounder will hate him and kill him when they get the chance,' I whisper sad.
'I know. And I did saw his face. It isn't him. I'm sorry for all of you're loss. I know they will go after him but please understand that we will do everything to keep him save.'
Bellamy's still holding me and I it makes me calm. If he wasn't here then there could be a chance Finn was dead.
'Of course I know you guys will do everything to keep him save but you can't always be there for him or Lexa will find a way. And believe me. She will,' I assure him.
He backs away a little and looks in my eyes.
'Do you want Finn dead?' he asks curious.

'After what he did? I don't know. Yes, he deserves to die but-'
Bellamy cuts me off while I wasn't even finished.

'Are you saying you really want him dead? He's you're friend Emily. He's our friend! You can't just let him die after one mistake,' Bellamy says angry while he lets me go.

'One mistake? This isn't just one mistake, Bellamy. He killed eighteen people. That's a lot. Do you really think I'm going to act like nothing happened? And no I wasn't going to say that I want him dead' I ask him unbelievable.

'He didn't know what he was doing! And it didn't really sound like you don't want him dead.' Bellamy starts to scream.

'That's because you didn't let me finish!' I scream back.

'You know? I don't even want to argue with you. Just go back to you're stupid people and I will go back to mine,' he says while he walks away.

'You know what I was going to say? I was going to say, yes, he deserves to die, but he is my friend so I won't kill him. But obviously you don't believe me,' I shout after him.
He doesn't stop. He just keeps walking. Well, there goes my boyfriend. I imagined it a lot more fun to see him again. But obviously I was wrong.


'What the hell happened?'
I look up and see Lexa and Indra standing in the doorway. So they're finally back I see.
'Skiekru. Finn. He came looking for their people and he killed a lot of our people when they tried to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do,' I explain.
'He is going to pay for this. Jus drein jus daun (blood must have blood),' Lexa says angry.
'Lexa, calm down. He will pay for this but it doesn't have to be death.But now something else. Where were you?' I ask her.  She looks at Indra and then back at me.

'We were looking for Anya,' Lexa says. 
'Without telling me? Lexa, I was worried. I thought you were died, and I thought the same of you Indra. I know you guys are strong but please tell me where you guys are going the next time. Promise me.'  
'Swega klin (promise),' Indra says before she walks out. 

I look at Lexa and see that she has a sad look on her face. She nods and then she just walks away without saying anything. I know Anya meant a lot to Lexa. She was her leader, her mentor. They were also pretty close. I know Lexa tries not to show any emotions, but I know deep inside she feel pain. Pain and fear. Pain of the loses. Fear of what will come. I feel the same. The pain I had is bigger now since Finn killed them. So many loses. So many deaths. Fear. Fear of what will come next. I know there will be a lot of obstacles. And every time I have to face them. The pain grows bigger whenever I conquered the fear. And every time I will be more angry. More sad. more heartbroken then I already am.