Round 2 Part 1

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Millie POV
After that "awesome" movie, we meet at Devin's house and order pizza. We are all around a table and I sit next to Kevin. He was so out of it since I gave him something he will never forget 😉. The pizza comes and we all eat it when I feel a hand on my thigh. This little bitch. He soons reaches my vagina and starts rubbing. At that time, I totally regret wearing a skirt. I didn't show any facial reaction even though it feels so good. Then instantly he moves my underwear to the side and starts rubbing my actual clit. I breathe unheavily and Kevin smirks. Then, without warning, he inserts a finger in me. I was so shocked, I gasp.
"What's wrong Millie?"
"Oh I just remember I didn't lock my room door so my sister will go in and eat all my candy"
"Oh I'm sorry"
"Its okay. I'll just buy more"
I look at Kevin and he just smirks at me. While I'm still looking at him, he inserts another finger. He licks his lips and wink. God I want you inside me. He moves closer to my ear and says,
"You know someone once told me, 'Karma's a bitch'"
I squint my eyes at him. He adds another finger and pumps in and out of me. I try my hardest not to moan, but I couldn't take it any more. I moan slightly and all of them look at us. Devin says,
"Millie you okay?"
"Yeah, but my stomach h-hurts"
Kevin asks,
"You need to go home so I can make you feel better?"
"No, I don't. I'm going to the bathroom"
I take Kevin's hands away from my area and go to the bathroom.

Kevin POV
Millie removes my hand and goes to the bathroom. Both Daniel and Devin are staring at me and smirking. Brianna asks,
"Why are you looking at him like that?"
Daniel replies,
"Come on! I know a difference between a pain sigh and a moan. You were fingering her, weren't you?"
I blush and say,
"Yeah a little. She gave me a bj at the movies so...payback"
"Wow dude. You guys need to fuck now" Devin says.
" a matter of fact" I stand up and walk upstairs to the bathroom.
Devin says,
"If you do it in my room, I will kill you. Go in the guest room."
"Okay I will. Ignore the screaming guys" I smirk. Taylor says,
"You mean your screaming?"
They all laugh and I suck my teeth. Round 2 ready to go!

Millie POV
I wash my face and try to forget my horniness towards Kevin. Then I hear a knock on the door. I open the door to see Kevin pushing me against the wall crashing lips on mine. His tongue explores my mouth. He pin my hands over my head so I don't break the kiss. I feel his hands under my skirt. I moan in his mouth and he smirks. He takes a minute to take my shirt off but I stop and say,
"Dude our friends are here."
"So what? I told them to ignore your screams" He smirks.
I suck my teeth and say,
"I don't know"
"baby girl you have no choice. I'm fucking you right now."
"In here?"
"Nah Devin's guest room"
Kevin picks me up and brings me to the guest room. I guess it's about to go down...

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