4 AM

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I came home really late from Kevin's house. He told me I can sleep over again but I refused since he rejected me. I walk into my room, get my songbook, headphones, and keyboard, and started writing my song.
Sitting here feeling kinda crazy
But not just any crazy
It's the kind you feel when you love somebody
And I know that my baby
Is calling somebody else baby
And I can't sit still
Look how gone it got me

Who knew that my heart could ever bruise
You see this scar here on my chest
I'm hurting and he don't even care

It's 4 AM and my lover won't answer
He's probably somewhere with a dancer
Sippin' champagne while I'm in his bed

It's 4 AM and I think I might lose it
This motherfucker thinking I'm stupid
He must have bumped his head
I only know it's 4 AM
I stopped because I realized there were tears on my cheeks. Then instinctly I began sobbing so I fell on my pillow and continue. Then I light fell fast asleep.

I'm sorry its a short chapter. Its just that I thought this was important to explain. Please write feedback. Also thank you for reading this book.

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