Studio Day

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Today is my first day in the studio. I brought my other best friend Taylor, since she helps me write songs. We all have been friends for a long time. She has been telling us to chase our dreams of singing. When I told her, I got signed, she was stoked. Brianna, Taylor, and I walked into the studio and saw the Bomb Digz on their Younow. I said,
"Oops sorry. I did not know you guys were doing a Younow"
Daniel replied, "Its fine. We are almost done anyways."
They finished up their Younow and started chilling with us. Taylor and I were still working on the lyrics to our songs. While I was writing, Daniel scooched next to me and started reading the lyrics.
"Those are really good"
"You really think so?"
"Yeah you are talented"
I blushed and he smirked as we looked into our eyes. As I turned to look at what Brianna was doing, I see Kevin looking at us disgustingly. It felt awkward so I told everyone I will take a walk. Both Daniel and Kevin jumped up saying, "Let me go with you" at the same time.
"Sorry guys I want to be alone"
As I was walking, I saw a room with a wall mirror and no one there. I walked in and stared at myself in the mirror. Soon I begin to dance. I love dancing and my outlet is to dance. Dancing helps my mind think but also help me not panic. I turned around and continued to dance but then I heard a knock on the door. I instantly stop and turn around. It was Kevin.
"Damn shawty you got moves"
"Awe thanks but I'm not that good"
"Yeah you are"
I smiled and blushed again.
"Thanks but you are an amazing dancer. I went to one of your concerts. You were amazing."
"Here let me show you some moves"
Kevin teached me a few moves. I followed him and copied him but it was not good. Then all if a sudden we were dancing together and I fell down. We were both laughing and I was embarrassed.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine" I chuckled.
Kevin picked me up and then we were centimeters from each other. Kevin looks at my lips and bites his lip. My heart was beating so fast and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Kevin leans in and...
Kevin and I quickly separated and we both saw Daniel looking at us.
"Did I inturrupt something?"
I quickly say, "No"
I looked at Kevin and he was giving Daniel a death stare.
"Um does Taylor need me?", I asked.
Daniel said, "Oh umm yeah, she said she has writer's block"
I quickly left the room filled with awkward silence leaving Kevin and Daniel. I walked into the studio seeing Taylor frustrated. Brianna and Devin were talking selfies across the room. I went to Taylor and started helping her out. I love how Taylor always helps me and I always help her. I know Taylor will help me forever and she will never hurt me.

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