Day With Taylor

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Its been three weeks and its been awesome. Brianna and I did a few concerts and I have been having a few thousand fans and I have been having fan accounts and clubs. Its amazing how a lot of people are being inspired by my music. It feels nice. Today I am hanging out with Taylor because it has been a while when we hung out and not write music. I knock on Taylor's door and she open it slowly.
"Hey Taylor!"
"Hey" she said softly and nervously.
I was confused. Did something happen?
"Are you okay?" I asked curious.
She pause. She looked like she is about to cry. I put my stuff down inside and hug her. She starts sobbing on my shoulder. Then she pleaded, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm such a horrible friend! You deserve so much better!"
I was so confused. What did she do to me? Why is saying she is a bad friend? She is my best friend. She treats me so nicely. I held on her and sat her on the couch. When she finish sobbing, I asked,
"What did you do to me?"
She wiped her tears and paused. It kinda look like she was looking for an excuse. She then said,
"Its just that...I haven't been hanging out with you lately and it seems like we are only music partners. Not friends. I feel bad because I never text you and stuff"
I hug her and then say,
"No matter what we will always be best friends. So what we don't talk much. We still care about each other."
She started smiling but it soon faded.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah umm Im just tired."
"So do you want me to go home?"
"Umm yeah...sorry! We will hang out tomorrow. I promise"
"Okay no problem"
I take my stuff, say a quick goodbye, and go to my car. As soon as I sat down, I thought That was weird. She kept on saying she is a bad friend and kept hesitating. Why do I feel like she is hiding something? Something big? I just shrug and drove home.

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