Now It's My Turn

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Millie POV
After Kevin and I check out, we go to Devin's house since everyone is there. I bet they are meeting up so we can tell them our sex story. As soon as we get there, I see Taylor at the window. These niggas were waiting for us. I'm about to knock when I door swings right open. It's Devin and I hear,
I slap Devin in the arm and he just laughs. I meet up with Brianna and Taylor. Brianna then say,
"I see you can feel your legs now."
"Ehh. I can't feel my entrance since stuff happened when we showered"
Taylor yelled, "YOU GUYS FUCKED AGAIN?" so loud that the guys hears her, too. Kevin soon says,
"Nah, I just ate her out like her pussy was my birthday cake!"
I got shocked and run to Kevin. I chase him around the house and when I finally catch him, I hit him several times. The others were laughing so hard, they were on the floor. After we are done, we all sit in the living room. Daniel goes,
"So...Millie won I see"
I said, "Yup. In this relationship I will always win."
Kevin replies, "By how you couldn't feel below your waist this morning tell me otherwise."
I smack his arm and chuckle. Kevin kisses me with love and passion. I stop him from it getting heated. Mostly because we are in front of our friends and I can't feel anything. We all then go to the movies. We all have been dying to watch Popstar since we all saw the trailer and it was lit. We all get popcorn, soda, and candy and then we go into the movie theatre. There are a lot of trailers and I was bored. There isn't that many people there. Just two teenage couples in the front. We all decide to sit our separate ways so they could do stuff 😉. I look at Kevin who seems to be bored, too. Payback bitch. I put my hand on his thigh. He didn't seem to care until I reach to his member. He looks at me and whispers,
"See I don't mind if you do it. Because as soon as I get home, I am gonna murder that pussy up. Again"
He smirks and looks at the screen. Let's see if you can feel me once we are done with this movie. I unbuckle his pants and he looks at me confused whispering,
"What are you doing?!?!"
I don't answer him and pull his member out. I stroke him while I say,
"It's time for me to make you feel good."

Kevin POV
All of a sudden, I see Millie pull out my member and stroke it. Oh my fucking god. She starts kissing the tip teasing me so I can suffer. I touch her head and plead,
"Stop playing"
Then, she starts bobbing my member and stroking the place she can't reach. I want to moan so loud by how amazing this feels but I can't or else we will be kicked out of the movie theatre. She continues faster and deeper making my legs shake. I let out a small moan when Millie stops and whispers,
"You have to be quiet"
"Well if you are going to continue I won't"
"I don't care, don't moan. Revenge bitch." She smirks.
The things I'm gonna do when we get home. She goes faster and deeper making it harder for me not to moan. Then I feel my legs shaking and a knot in my stomach.
"I-I'm c-close b-baby g-girl"
She goes faster and deeper and then I hesitate as I release in her mouth. She swallows it and kiss my tip one last time. She tucks my member and kisses my lips. Then she smirks and whisper,
"Karma's a bitch, Bitch"

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