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Millie POV
Today I have a date with Kevin at the Cheesecake Factory. We have been planning to go for two weeks. Ever since Taylor told me to stop worrying about Kevin a week ago, I've been feeling better. We plan to leave at 7 and it is 6. I do my hygiene and put on a slim black dress. I try to pick a sexy dress so Kevin and I can "do the deed" 😉. Anyway, I do my hair and makeup and wait for Kevin.
It is now 7:15 and I don't hear from Kevin. Then, I instantly get a text from Kevin saying,
Baby boy🙏💟- I'm sorry but I have to cancel. I have to do something really important. I'll make it up to you. I promise. I love you 💖💖
I plop on the bed hoping this isn't real. Step two just happened. I take off my dress and put on my PJs. I cry sobbing,
"Kevin, don't do this to me!"

I'm sorry for making these chapters short, but I update more a day so I hope you have to problem with it.

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