The Day I Decide

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Kevin wants me to hang out at his house so I drove over his house panicking hoping he does not make this decision hard on me. When I arrive at his house, I rang the doorbell and he opened it. He was shirtless. Damn it Kevin stop. You are making this hard. I walked in and he said,
"Hey so you want something to drink?"
Hell yeah you making me thirsty
"Uh...sure. Water is fine thanks"
"Okay just sit on the couch while I get your water"
I sat on the couch memorized at his abs. Man this will be hard. When he left and gave me my water, I saw he put on a shirt. He sat next to me close and said, "You made your decision yet?"
"So who will it be? Daniel or me?"
I look down not wanting to say the words. He move away from me and say,
"So it's Daniel"
"I'm so sorry. You are an amazing and sweet guy. Its just something about Daniel that made me choose him. Can we please still be friends?"
He look down licking his lips trying to take in what I said. He finally said the words,
"Okay, as I told you before. Even if you pick Daniel, I'll be there for you."
I smile and hug Kevin.
"No problem"
I break the hug saying, "Hey I didn't really tell Daniel I chose him so I should leave"
"Yeah I think that's best"
I give Kevin one more hug and whisper, "I'm sorry"
I go to my car and drive to Daniel's house. He told me his address because I was supposed to hang out with him on Saturday but I had work. When I knocked on the door, Daniel opened.
"Hey, what's wro-"
I cut him off by smushing my lips on his. He held me tighter. I break it and whisper, "I choose you"
"I knew you would"
We both smile and continue kissing.

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