Later That Day

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I asked my mom as soon as I got home and she it was fine and exciting. My dad is strict but I know my mom will talk to him into agreeing. I was in my room chilling with my phone when I saw keviekev follow me back. I was so shocked and surprised. After that, I saw Sharie Marie follow me back. I started stalking her since she is so pretty. I love her makeup. Then I got a text from Brianna.
BRI💕- My parents are okay with it!!
Me- Same!!
BRI💕- I don't know what to wear
Me- Does it matter?
BRI💕- Hell yes! Especially for you. You need to look good for Kevin😏
Me- He does not like me!
BRI💕- Yeah whatever. I'm coming over in like 5
Me- Okay my door is unlocked.
I turned off my phone and went to the kitchen to get chips.

Kevin's POV
I am in the studio with the boys and we were recording the cover of Closer. As soon as we are done, Devin and Daniel acts weird.
"Wtf guys, why are you guys acting weird?" I asked confused.
"Dude. You totally like that chick...umm" Devin says snapping his fingers.
"Millie?" I said confused.
"See you even remembered her name. plus I saw the way you looked at her when she was performing. Dude you are totally crushing on her" Daniel said.
I rolled my eyes and said, "I just met her. I don't like her like that man"
I lied. She is just so pretty and talented. I just don't think she likes me back though. I don't know.

I feel like this is a shitty chapter. Again I'm a beginner. Please give me feedback.

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