Later That Day

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Millie POV
I came back home after Applebee's. I changed into pajamas and sat on my bed with my phone. I was on instagram when I got a text from Daniel.
Daniel- Hey:)
Me- Hey:) what's up?
Daniel- Nothing much, you?
Me- Nm just in bed
Daniel- Nice so are you busy tomorrow?
Oh my god? Is he asking me on a date?
Me- Um no not really
Daniel- Do you maybe wanna hang out at around 7?
Oh my god! He is asking me on a date!
Me- Sure
Daniel- Great. See ya then
I smiled so wide and shrieked. Then I got another text message. I thought it was by Daniel but it was Kevin.
Kevin- Hey:)
Me- Hey:) how's it going?
Kevin- Nm hey are you busy tomorrow?
Oh shit. He is gonna ask me on a date! I am already going on a date with Daniel though. Should I tell him I'm busy with Daniel or lie?
Me- Yes actually
Kevin- Oh what are you doing?
Shit! Should I tell him? I know he likes me.
Me- I am hanging out with Daniel.
Kevin- Like a date?
Me- Umm Idk. We didn't clarify.
Kevin- Oh well do you want to hang the next day?
Is he asking me on a date when I told him I have a sort of date with Daniel? Well Kevin is a sweet and cute guy. But Daniel is also sweet and cute. Who do I choose?
Me- Sure

Sorry for the boring chapter. I'll try to make it interesting.

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