Saturday-Contract Day

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Today I was at Allstar's studio with my mom and aunt, who is a lawyer. I told my mom we do not need a lawyer but she said we do and I cannot argue with her. We were all in one huge table. On one side in order from left to right was Kevin, Daniel, Allstar, Mama Shana, then Devin. On the other side it was my mom, me, my aunt, Brianna, and her mom. They were discussing tours and studio schedules and how Brianna and I are still working at the diner and going to school. After we signed the contract, I told my mom that I would stay with Brianna to celebrate. So Brianna and I were alone outside of the building discussing on what we want to do. After five minutes we see the guys go outside.
"Hey guys! Im really excited you are working with my dad" Devin said.
"Yeah same!" Brianna said eagerly.
"Wow this is the first time I see Brianna not be starstrucked and actually talking to us" Daniel said chuckling.
"Yeah I'm surprised" I replied.
"Oh shut up" she says as she nudges me with her elbow.
Kevin asked, "Do you guys want to hang with us? You celebrate?"
I replied, "Sure"
Brianna said, "We can go to Dunkin"
We all agreed. Brianna nudged me smirked while we all went to her car. I gave her the "shut up and stop making it obvious" look. Brianna drove, I was shotgun, and the guys were in the back. We turned on the radio and started to listen and sing to Pillow talk by Zayn Malik and Close by Nick Jonas. As soon as we got there, we all ordered and got what we bought. We all sat in a big table and we just chatted. Soon, Devin gets up with his Dunkin coffee and held it up as if it was a glass and started to speak as if he is giving a toast.
"I would like to make a toast to Brianna and Millie for joining our family and hopefully you will like hanging with my dad and with our family"
Kevin interrupted saying, "You're not gonna like my sister"
We all laughed and Devin continued.
"Anyways, welcome to the family Millie and Brianna. CHEERS!"
We all cheer with our Dunkin coffees. I was so excited. Brianna and I are part of the Bomb Digz family.

Thanks for reading. I think this is getting boring so please give me feedback and Ill do the best I can. Thanks!

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