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Brianna POV
I run to Taylor's house and bang on the door. She opens it and I barge in.
I yell at her,
She said sadly, "No not yet"
"What the fuck is wrong with you? How could you have possibly do that to the person who has your back? How could you be such a bitch."
She starts crying but I do not care.
"You better tell Millie what you did to her before she finds out and she WILL find out"
She continue to sob. I roll my eyes and walk out the door, slamming it. J can't believe she did this to Millie. After everything she did for her. All the sacrifices she did for her. All the time she spent taking care of her. I feel bad for Millie. She has trust issues yet Taylor stabbed her on the back. I really hope Millie will be okay after she hears this.

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