Sex Night Part 2

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I know you all have been waiting for this so enjoy. I tried to make it as freaky as possible. If you don't like rated r stuff, I recommend you not read it. ENJOY!

Millie POV
Kevin and I roughly and passionately make out. He lick my bottom lip but I deny for payback. He groan and whispers,
"I need you now baby girl"
He tries again and I still deny. I chuckle by how frustrated he is. Revenge is a bitch. All of a sudden, my dress is off and Kevin smashes his lips to mine sticking his tongue in without permission. I get turned on and unbutton his shirt. Kevin slowly kisses down my neck finding my sweet spot. I moan,
"Ahh K-Kevin"
I feel him smirk. He whispers,
My legs were wrapped around his torso as he lays me on the bed. I take off his T-shirt as he unstrap my bra. All we had were our underwears. He looks at my body and whispers,
"Damn you are so beautiful"
I blush and he smiles. I grab his neck pulling him so I can kiss him. I feel his hand touching every part of my skin. Then suddenly, I feel him rubbing my underwear. I moan while I kiss him and then his hand goes into my underwear. He rubs my clit making me moan a little bit louder. He kisses me neck down to my boobs down to my thigh. He kisses my left thigh then my right. After that, I felt his warm wet tongue on my clit. I moan by the pleasure he gives me. I moan out,
He eats me out sticking his tongue in me. I push his head in me enjoying the pleasure. Then, he sticks two fingers in me. I tighten around it and I see Kevin look at me and wink. He pumps as he continues to eat me out. I moan so loud and soon I moan,
"I-I'm c-close"
He replies,
"Cum for me baby"
I grab on to the sheets and cum in his mouth. Kevin cleans me up and smirks. He reaches my lips as I kiss his soft pink lips.
"You like that didn't you?" He smirks.
"Wait until I'm through with you"
"Nah baby girl. This is your night. Let me make you feel good"
I look into his eyes and nod. He cares about me so much. As we make out, I pull off his boxers revealing his 7 inch member. I bite my lip at the sight of it and Kevin smirks. He lines his member near my entrance. He looks deep into my eyes and ask,
"Are you sure?"
"Yes baby I am. I need you inside me"
He slides his tip in and I wince at the pain. Kevin kisses me to distract the pain as he slowly puts the rest in me. After, he slowly thrust. Soon it was pain mixed with pleasure. Then, all of a sudden he thrusts fast hitting my g-spot every time. I moan,
"O-Oh P-Papi"
"That's right. Say my name"
I repeat it as he goes faster and faster.
I couldn't handle it and scream,
"Nah baby. You wanted this dick. Now you got it."
He went faster and faster. My legs were uncontrollably shaking. I soon felt a knot in my stomach.
"Papi I'm close!"
"Me too baby. In three"
He thrusts harder pounding the bed to the wall.
He goes faster as we cum together and then he collapse on top of me. He rolls off of we as we try to catch our breaths. He finally says,
"Oh my god. That was amazing"
"Yeah it was. I love you"
"I love you more"
"Not possible"
"Yes possible."
We both slowly drift to sleep.

Hope you liked it

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