I Shouldn't Have Trusted You

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Millie POV
I didn't come out from my room the rest of the week. Then, I hear Brianna and Taylor bang on the door yelling,
I instantly open the door because Brianna broke the door before and I don't want that to happen again. They both then says,
"Listen Millie. I know your upset but you need to come out of this damn door and live life. Stop crying over some boy. Fuck him!!"
I know Brianna and Taylor are right, but I just can't believe my one true love betrayed me. But to make them shut up, I agree to go to Dunkin Donuts with them. I do my hygiene, put mascara and lip gloss, and put a plain black shirt with jean shorts and Adidas sneakers. I get in the car with Taylor and Brianna and head to Dunkin. When we arrive, I see something that completely shatters my heart. I see Kevin with another girl. They were smiling and laughing. I run back to the car and start sobbing. I wished I wasn't right, but I am. I knew it! I shouldn't have never trusted you, Kevin!

Brianna POV
I sigh after Millie runs to the car and sobs. I run inside and slap Kevin in the head. He says,
"Ow! Why are you here and what was that for?"
"I was here to make Millie feel better after she has been crying nonstop and I slapped you because Millie just saw you with her! You couldn't have met her somewhere else?"
"I'm sorry. I didn't know she would be here."
"I wish I could murder you right now"
"I'm sorry"
"You better fix this quick or else you won't have a girlfriend anymore, do this quick!"
"Okay I got this. I do"

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