An Normal Day

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Millie's POV
"Hey Can I get some napkins?!"
"Can I get a refill?!"
"Wait Miss, what are the specials?!"
That is my life. I'm a servant at a small diner. I work here a lot and I don't mind. I work hard. At work and with my career. Well...struggling career. I'm a singer and I sing with my best friend, Brianna. We write songs and stuff but we never really find a producer and stuff. We mostly post the songs on YouTube and we only get a couple hundred views. Oh well. I'm okay with working at the Diner with my best friend.
"Hey Millie, since we are on break lets perform," yelled Brianna.
Brianna and I sing and perform at the Diner. My boss don't mind. I don't think she even notices. Oh well.
"Which one should we perform?," I asked.
"Either a cover of Masterpiece by Jessie J or Stitches by Shawn Mendes" She answered.
"Stitches! We should do Stitches!" I said cheerfully.
Brianna said, "Okay then"
I go fetch my guitar and we sit on the bar table and sing. Whenever I sing, I feel as if I am myself. When I sing with my Brianna, it feels as if we connect as sisters. I love singing and hopefully I can have a career with this.

Hey guys sorry this is short. This is my first story and hopefully you still like it when I continue.

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