Round 2 Part 2

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Millie POV
Kevin lays me on the bed and starts kissing my neck. I look at the door and ask,
"The door is locked, right"
Kevin says,
And continues kissing my neck. He soon finds my sweet spot so I moan,
"Kevin, I need you inside me"
A second later, my pants are off and his pants and boxers are off. I finish our kissing and whisper seductively,
"Sit down"
He obeys and I grab his member and stroke it. He groans,
"Stop teasing baby girl"
"Why not? Its fun"
I lick the tip and kiss it while stroking it still. Kevin holds on my head but he didn't push. He is too caring to do that. Without warning, I Bob his member at a fast pace for him to moan.
I do it faster and faster until I see his legs shaking and his hands pulling the sheets. I then kiss the tip and stop and he says,
"Why'd you stop? I was about to cum"
"Exactly, you can only cum when you are inside me."
He picks me up and slams me on the bed. He suddenly open my legs, move my underwear to the side, and begin I moaned so loudly saying,
"F-Fuck P-Papi"
As soon as I said Papi, Kevin goes faster. I feel a buckle in my stomach and my legs were shaking. I was at the last second to cum when he kisses my clit and stops.
I yell,
"Fuck you!"
"Nice timing huh. Can't cum unless I'm inside you"
I bite my lip and say,
"So what are we waiting for?"
Kevin smirks and takes off my underwear. Without warning, he shoves his length into me, I scream out of pain and pleasure. He hits my g-spot every time. It only takes 20 min for me to moan,
"I-I'm c-close P-Papi"
"M-Me too"
Kevin thrusts harder when both of us orgasm. That orgasm made me roll my eyes far back and scream. Kevin did the same. Then, Kevin collapse on top of me. He hesitates,
I finish saying,
As soon as we feel our legs again, we put on our clothes and head downstairs. I see money on the table and Brianna and Devin screaming. Then I hear,
Brianna collects the money when she realizes Kevin and I are present. All of them stare at us and say,
"It isn't want it looks like"
I say,
"Really? Because it looks like you guys bet on how long Kevin and I will cum."
Devin says,
"Okay, so's exactly"
I chuckle and say,
"Fuck you guys"
Daniel says,
"Nahh Kevin already did"
I slap him and tell Kevin,
"Let's head home"
"Round 3?"
"Fuck yes"

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