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Kevin POV
That bastard hurt my best friend's heart. That bitch is gonna pay. Ive been in a bad mood, too since Destiny broke up with me a while ago. Ive been trying to get over her but I cant forget how she made me feel. Millie has been coming over for comfort and also to comfort me but she isn't sobbing or crying like what a normal girl getting cheated on would feel. She keeps on saying "I don't care" and "I'm over him now" She is in denial over everything and I know one day she is gonna explode. I know my best friend and I know when she is heartbroken when I see it.

Millie POV
Kevin and I are watching a movie. A kiss scene came up and all I wanted to do was cry. "No don't cry. Be strong. You don't need him. He is worthless" I thought. As soon as I said this, I stared right at Kevin. His beautiful hazel eyes followed by his soft lips. As soon as he stared back in my eyes, I smashed my lips against his. He did not reject and kiss me back. Both of us did not stop. This turned to a make out session. I soon went on top of him, until he stopped and told me,
"No...we can't"
I asked confused, "What...why not?"
"Because" he paused "You are still hung up on Daniel"
"No I'm not-"
"Yes you are. I know you are trying to be strong but I can see in your eyes that you are heartbroken. This is not what you need. You especially do not want to lose your virginity on me and ruin your 'no sex until marriage' plan because of him"
"Who gives a fuck on that 'no sex till marri-"
"You do. I know you still want to wait"
I looked down and began tearing up. Kevin started rubbing my arm and I lean in and kiss him again. I stopped and said, "All I have been thinking about was his lips. That bastard's lips"
"Yes I know but-"
I instantly kiss him again. Then I whispered kissing from his lips to his neck,
"Let me" *kiss* "forget him" *kiss* "By letting" *kiss* "me kiss" *kiss* "your lips"
I gave him a hickey and he groaned, "Milliee"
I passionately kissed him and he didn't stop it. His hands went from my waist to my butt. He moved his hands on my butt rocking me on his hard dick back and forth on his jeans. I moaned, "K-Kevinn" and I started getting wet and he slowly started kissing his way to my neck delicately. As soon as I tried to take my top off, he suddenly realized what he was doing.
"Wait...No Millie. I can't do this...You said you wanted no sex until marriage and I don't want to take that from you"
I looked at him in his eyes and realized that he cares about me and he is right and then I decided to get off of him. I put my head on his shoulder and he plays with my hair. Then he said,
"I really like you and I have been waiting for your lips to connect to mine...but you are not over Daniel-"
"Don't reject it. You need time to get over him. I feel like a rebound right now. When you are completely over Daniel then maybe..."
I stood straight and look into his eyes smiling and said,
"We can be together?"
He smiled nodded. I played back on his shoulders and held his hands. We both then decided to continue to watch the movie.

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