I Love You

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Kevin POV
I let Millie sleep here next to me for the night. A lot has happened to her. I have to be there for her. I can't believe she would think I would hurt her. I would never. I get up and rush downstairs so I can make her breakfast. I make pancake, eggs, sausages, and A LOT OF bacon. She is obsessed with bacon haha.

Millie POV
I woke up to a smell of bacon. Yumm. I see Kevin walking in with a full breakfast, including bacon. He then said,
"Here babygirl. I thought you would like to start the day off great."
I smiled and said,
"Thanks Kevin. This is really sweet."
"No problem."
He joined in bed with me and we both start eating while watching Empire (of course). As soon as we were done, I did my hygiene and go downstairs. I see Kevin in the living room playing video games. I walk over there and take the controller out of my hands.
"Yo! Give me back the controller!"
"You have to catch me first"
I ran across the living room to the kitchen. Kevin is faster than me so he got me and picked me up and spinned around.
"Kevin haha stopp!!"
He spinned me more but then lay me on the counter. As soon as I was done being dizzy, I saw soft pink lips coming my way. I smile and lean in. His lips connect to mine in a special way. But then it soon got heated. I felt a hand go on my thigh and inching its way up. I started smiling and licked his bottom lip asking for entrance. As soon as he realize, he denied. Shit. He is still making me stick with the no sex until marriage plan. I break the kiss.
"Look Millie. I'm sorry but we can't."
"No it's okay. I get it. No problem."
I jump down the kitchen counter and head to Kevin's room. I lay on the bed and watch TV. Soon Kevin walks up. He lays next to me a kisses my forehead. Then, I heard mumbling but I couldn't pick it up. I thought I heard "I love you" but I'm not sure. Kevin then sit next to me and watch TV.

Kevin POV
I wanted to have sex with Millie. I really do. But I care about Millie more than anything and I know Millie wants to continue her plan. I don't want her to think I love her just because of her body. I walk up and see Millie on my bed watching TV. I walk over and kiss her forehead. I mumble
"I love you"
But I make sure she couldn't hear it. I then sit next to her and watch TV with her.

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