Paranoid Part 2

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Millie POV
"You really think Kevin is cheating on you?"
"I don't know Taylor, but something seems suspicious"
I'm at the park with Taylor because I want to tell her about Kevin being suspicious.
"What were the signs that you saw on Daniel when he was cheating on you"
"Well, he was on his phone a lot but won't let me see. Then, he cancels our dates, after he doesn't reply to my calls and text messages"
"Well Kevin did the first thing, but it might be nothing. Tell me if the other two happens, then we can conclude on cheating. But for now, you can't jump into conclusions. I know your paranoid ever since Daniel, but Kevin loves you and cares about you. He will never hurt you. He told you that"
"Yeah but that's what Daniel said to me, too."

Do you think he is cheating again?
BTW sorry I haven't been updating. I've been busy with finals.

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