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I soon begin feeling below my waist, but not a lot. I limp to the bathroom.
I see Kevin in the shower. I brush my teeth and use mouthwash. Then I hear Kevin say,
"I see you can feel your legs"
"A little, bitch"
"Hey don't be like that. How about you come in here. Round 2?"
"We are not having Round 2 but I'll go in there to save water"
I take off my clothes slowly since my legs are still in pain. I get I to the shower to see a smirking Kevin.
"Don't make me slap that smirk off your face"
We both chuckle and then we begin kissing. His hands touch ever skin on my body. My hands are just on his member. He moans in my mouth and says,
"I need you baby"
I blush and took the soap saying,
"Wanna help?"
He rubs the soap on my body without breaking the kiss. After we rinse, we get out and put a towel on us. I get out and then all of a sudden Kevin picks me up from my legs. My thighs are on his shoulder and head is in my towel really close to my entrance. He pushes to the wall as I feel a warm tongue on my clit. Kevin eats me out in this position. I moan,
"Kevin put me d-down"
He continues licking me going deeper than he did last night. I moan so loudly, I scream. Then I feel a knot in my stomach.
"I'm c-close"
Then all of a sudden I release in his mouth. He cleans me up, kisses my clit one last time and puts me down. He smirks and I say,
"Fuck you"
"Don't worry. You will later"
He pecks my lips and I growl. This is what I get for seducing him all this time.

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