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Millie POV
I put on the red amazing dress with black heels and necklace. I also put on mascara and lip gloss as I also curl my hair. As soon as I finish, I hear the doorbell. Perfect timing. I open the door to see my true love with a nice black suit with a red tie.
"Wow, my baby is looking sexy today."
"Haha, you are the one who is looking sexy, baby girl."
I peck his lips and whisper,
"I am so close to ripping that suit off of you"
"Later baby girl. Okay?"
I groan while he laughs. We walk to the limo, and see a man holding the limo door. We smile and thank him as we enter the limo. Kevin puts his hand on my thigh and repeats every minute,
"I love you and I won't let you go"
I blush every single time until we reach the place. As I admire the table with two chairs and lights all over, I hug Kevin and whisper,
"Its beautiful"
Kevin smiles and leads me to the table. Then, we see a waiter with plates and says,
"I hope you enjoy"
He opens the top and I see a chicken Alfredo pasta with garlic bread and squeal as I look at Kevin. Kevin knows me more than anyone else. I immediately dig in and talk to Kevin about how crazy this journey has been. As soon as we are done, Kevin says,
"Millie, I remember the first time I saw you. I couldn't keep my eyes off you. You were so beautiful while you were waitressing. Then, I saw you sing and that took my heart away. Baby girl you are so beautiful and talented and sweet and a lot more. You are perfect to me. When you were comforting me over Destiny, I knew you had owned my heart. When Daniel did that to you, I almost killed him. I cared about you so much that I wanted to get revenge just for hurting the most perfect girl who wasn't even mine. You are finally mine now after all this drama and I am blessed. I am blessed that I get to say how I feel towards you. I am blessed to hear you sing all the time. I am blessed to work with you with songs and performances. But I'm mostly blessed to called this perfect girl mine. I love you Millie. And I will always love you"
In the middle of that speech I started crying. Kevin wipes my tears and kiss me. I whisper,
"I should have picked you. It was always you"
I peck his lips and continue to say,
"I love you more than everything. You make me laugh and smile and you make me feel special. I can't explain my feelings towards you because its so strong, I don't know the words for it. After these six months, I'm still crazy about you. I love you so much Kevin Alston."
"I love you more Mildred Agenor"
"Not possible"
"Yes possible"

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