Kevin's "Date"

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I texted Kevin and he told me he will pick me up at 8. I am kinda nervous because Daniel's date was amazing and I don't know if Kevin will be better. There is something about Kevin that makes my heart skip a beat. I love how jealous he gets because I know he cares about me. Hopefully after tonight's date, I can make up my mind. Kevin texted when I was watching iisuperwomanii "If Drake Had Different Jobs" (above),
Kevin- Hey so we are going bowling tonight.
Me- Fun! See ya at 8
I love bowling! The only problem is I am too competitive. Hopefully I don't beat Kevin too hard haha. I continued watching videos until it was 7. I did my hygiene, put the same makeup I put at Daniel's date, and instead curled my hair. Then I put a plain black T-shirt, jeans, and the same black and white adidas. When I was done, it was 7:55. Kevin texted he is outside in perfect timing. I got my phone, keys, and purse and head to the car. Kevin smiled and said,
"Hey, ready to get crushed in bowling?"
"Oh really? That's how you're gonna be? Okay let's make a bet. Loser has to buy food"
"Oh you're on"
We both shake hands and giggled. Then, Kevin drives us to the bowling alley. When we arrived, we got our shoes and find our lane. Our names were MillieD and ThugJesus. When I saw his name, I asked laughing,
"ThugJesus? Wtf why?"
"Because I am a thug Jesus"
While he said that he flexed. I rolled my eyes and took my bowling ball.
"Get ready to lose"
"We'll see."
Every time I get a strike, I go up to Kevin and say, "IN YOUR FACE!" After the game was done, I won.
"Ha, in your face loser"
I put an L shape with my finger on my forehead.
"That was just luck" he replied.
"Yeah right, now let's go so you can buy me food"
We gave the shoes back and went to Chili's. We talked about our dreams and what we hope for in the future. We both say we want to be successful performers. After we were done, and Kevin paid (Haha😼😼), he dropped me home. When we were in the car, he suddenly said softly,
"Look, I know you hung out with Daniel yesterday and he told you he wants to be with you. I don't know if you like him but I'm here to say I like you a lot. More than Daniel. I hope you pick me because I care about you and I will protect you."
He held my hand and I looked into his eyes as I blush.
"Listen I like you...but I also like Daniel. I can't choose. Just please give me time."
He looked down then he nodded saying, "Okay, but I will always be here for you. Even if you pick Daniel, I'll still be here."
I hugged Kevin.
"Thanks Kev."
I got out of the car and when I got to the door, I turned around and waved back at Kevin. I went inside and sat on the couch. Who am I gonna pick? I got a text and it was from Daniel.
Daniel- Hey I heard you were hanging out with Kevin. I know he likes you so I really hope you choose me. You are an amazing and beautiful girl. If you pick me, I will treat you like a princess because you are 💜
Reading this made me blush. I don't know what to do. Should I be with Kevin or Daniel?

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