Three Weeks Later

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Millie's POV
Daniel and I have been dating for three weeks and it has been going great. We both have fun and make each other happy. I have been talking to Kevin, too. Although, I know Kevin is depressed that I pick Daniel over him. I am hanging out with Daniel at his house watching a movie. All I could think about was how bad I feel for Kevin. If Daniel had to decide between another pretty girl or me, and picked the pretty girl, I would be devastated and upset. That's when I got an idea.
"Hey Daniel"
"Yeah babe?"
"We should set Kevin up with someone"
"Why? What's wrong?"
"Well, when I hang out with Kevin, he still seems depressed about the whole me picking you over him thing"
"Oh well who are you gonna set him up with?"
"Umm idk. Maybe my friend, Destiny"
"The girl you work with?"
"Yeah she is really nice and sweet. She is a dancer and she is down to earth. Maybe Kevin will like her."
"Hmm maybe. She seems cool for Kevin. But how are we gonna set them up?"
"Hmm, maybe invite them roller skating this Friday. We will leave them and they will both bond while they fall. Maybe Destiny will fall on Kevin and they both spark and..."
"Woah slow your roll girl. You really think they will automatically fall in love while they fall?"
"Okay maybe not fall in love and stuff but they will get to know each other and think that they are cool together"
"Okay I like it. I'll invite Kevin."
"And I'll invite Destiny."
"Sounds like a plan"
We giggle and continue with the movie.

Daniel POV
The next day I go to Kevin's house so I can invite him roller skating tomorrow. I knock on the door and he opened. He was wearing grey basketball shorts and a plain white t-shirt.
"Hey Kev. What's up?"
"Nothing much. You?"
I entered the house and we both head to his room. Kevin asked,
"You wanna play video games?"
We were both playing for 20 min and then I said,
"Yo so Millie, her friend Destiny, and I are going roller skating and we thought you should come with."
"I don't think so..."
"Come on. It will be fun. You get to hang out with a really cool girl. Destiny is a dancer and she is really-"
Kevin paused the game, looked at me, and asked
"Why do I feel like you guys are setting me up?"
I pause. I didn't know what to say. Then I sigh and say,
"Yeah, I'm sorry. Its just you have been single for a while and we think you are still upset with the whole...Millie thing. We just want to see you happy, man"
Kevin pause looking at the floor. Then he sigh and say,
"Wait really?"
"Sure, as you said I have been single for a while now. Plus Destiny seems cool when Millie introduced me to her a while ago. So let's do it. When are we going?"
Then we continue playing video games.

Kevin POV
I need to move on from Millie. Maybe Destiny will be my way to moving on.

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