Plan A

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Kevin and I are watching a movie like we usually do. I am really horny as usual. I'm going to make Kevin want to have sex with me. Plan A. While the movie was going, I start putting my hand on his thigh and rubbing it. He tries to ignore it but then I slowly go towards his member and then I see him breathing unequally. He is totally getting turned on. He tries to move my hand, but I always put it back but higher. Then, my hand was directly on his member. I start palming it while nibbling on his ear and moaning,
"Kevin you sure?"
I see him trying not to groan but then he did and I smirk. Then all of a sudden, I takes my hand off his member and he stand up saying,
"I need to go to the bathroom. Nice try though."
He smirk and walk off. Damn it. Didn't work.

Kevin POV
Millie got me so turned on but I stopped it finally. I went to the bathroom. I jacked off and when I came, I thought to myself She is not going to win. I washed my hands and went back to Millie. When I sat down I hear her say,
"I could have made you cum more than you did jacking off"
Then she smirked. Oh this is going to be long.

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