The Day Before Awards

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I can't believe the day my dreams come true will be tomorrow! I'm hanging out with Kevin talking about how excited I am. Kevin laughs at my excitement.
"I just can't believe it's tomorrow!"
"Haha yeah. Hey you have your dress right?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Can I see the dress?"
"No, it's a surprise"
"Oh okay"
He looks bum. That's weird. Does he know my dress is sexy and I am trying to seduce him again? We will see tomorrow. I jump on his lap and say,
"I'm glad you are my date. I never knew this would happen. That I will be nominated and that I will be at the awards with my amazing boyfriend"
Kevin smiles and kiss my cheek and says,
"This is only the beginning baby girl"
I smile at him and kiss his lips. We makeout, but he tries to not make it heated. Don't worry baby boy. You may not want to do it tonight but you will tomorrow 😏😏

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