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She's Mine , Not Yours by MelaninGal
She's Mine , Not Yoursby what’s good ?
Kiara and kevin have been going out for 2 years. happy and goofy couple. but when kiara's childhood bestfriend steps in the picture , kevin has gone wild. as kiara tells...
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over it • kevin alston  by needylede
over it • kevin alston by ☁️
"am i really that much to handle?" when lauren is reunited with her boy bestfriend she quickly realizes how much time apart can change things.
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The Bomb Digz Imagines by bxsicharry
The Bomb Digz Imaginesby Kee
Warning: some may contain sexual content‼️ Be very mature Positive Vibes Only Love you! Stay gizzy ❤️
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Can I...The Bomb Digz by yoofavvbratrat
Can I...The Bomb Digzby Yofavbrat
3 girls N the bomb digz what will happen.. Read to find out🤫
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To love and to be afraid  by kksb99
To love and to be afraid by kksb99
"Listen everyone" Everybody at their desk drew all there attention to the police commissioner including myself, as his assistant , this was important to me sin...
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The Bomb Digz Imagines & Preferences by Gizzy_Yesi
The Bomb Digz Imagines & Gizzy_Yesi
Imagine + preferences
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The Bad Boy's Girl... by justycep
The Bad Boy's justycepeters
Hey, My name is Jordan Anderson, im 16 and highschool is not my bestfriend. I have one bestfriend and her name is Melissa, we've been bestfriends for 3 years so far. Oh...
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Act Right by kksb99
Act Rightby kksb99
The sound of the the lunch bell chimed in my ear as everyone including myself started leaving to go get lunch. I entered the the cafeteria waiting in the China express l...
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yung love | dv  by tbdsmoochie
yung love | dv by arianna.
sequel to stepbrother
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BOMB DIGZ SMUT by papichilo
BOMB DIGZ SMUTby papichilo
Devin Gordon Kevin Alston Daniel Veda SMUT slow updates
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I am back bitches  by VanessaDiazzz
I am back bitches by VanessaDiazzz
So there was a a girl named Y/N and she got bullied by the one and only Kevin Alston she always hated Kevin because he used to call her ugly and fat and a piece of shit...
The Bestfriend (Kevin Alston Imagine) w/TBD Preferences  by Dani358
The Bestfriend (Kevin Alston Dànielle Reïd
Kevin Alston Best friend Imagine. #thebombdigz with TBD preferences ~coming soon~
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TBD Pregnancy Imagines/Preferences Series by Lexi170
TBD Pregnancy Imagines/ Lixcey Avery/TBDLexi
Just like the title says there will be imagines and preferences of the TBD boys, their wives or girlfriends whichever and their kid or children. There will be imagines a...
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The Bomb Digz Imagines and Preferences by rebeccalilliana
The Bomb Digz Imagines and r e b e c c a
I'm pretty sure we all found ourselves imagining what life would be like with TBD. Well, I'm guilty of that for sure! I'm just writing imagines and preferences about thi...
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daddy . -k.a  by suhmoann
daddy . -k.a by simone :))
Summer 2k16
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Tbd Imagine by: Kayla Alston by KaylaMichelleAlston
Tbd Imagine by: Kayla Alstonby Kayla Woods
This is my first story so if its trash its prolly cuz it my first time so yeah😂😂
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Sex Slave!? by courtney_wolfhard
Sex Slave!?by courtney_wolfhard
dirty story about jacob sartious and the bomb digz. **mature aduinces only😉
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Jealous (Devin Gordon) by PrincessDecember1213
Jealous (Devin Gordon)by December Jhae
Good lovin feels so numb
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⚡️TBD IMAGINES⚡️ by aestheticxela
⚡️TBD IMAGINES⚡️by ✨Ela✨
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StepBrother by tbdsmoochie
StepBrotherby arianna.
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