I Need You

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I go to Kevin's house the next day to talk about this plan. Kevin open the door shirtless. Oh God, he is making this whole plan hard. I couldn't stop staring at his abs and muscle. I bit my lip. When Kevin realize I was looking at his shirtless  body, he smirk and said,
"Don't even think about it, Baby girl"
I groan and walk in.
"You are making this too hard. I don't care about this plan anymore. I need you"
I get closer and touch his body. He takes my hands and take it off himself and say,
"I'm sorry, Millie, but no. You need to do this."
"But I don't want to"
"But you still care on the inside"
"No I don't"
"I DON'T!"
Kevin looks into my eyes and say,
"Millie...I love you and I care about you a lot. Of course I want to have sex with you. Seriously I want to fuck the shit outta you and leave you in a wheel chair."
While he said that, he put his hands on my waist and bit his lip. I bite my lip, too. Then, he took his hands off me and step back saying,
"But I want to do what's best for you and since you are a religious and sweet girl, you need to go through with it. Trust me. You will be happy doing it and accomplishing it. All I want is for you to be happy and this will make you happy."
I walk closer to Kevin.
"Kevin, I love you, too. You want me to be happy, right? Well I will be happy if you fuck me. Right here. Right now. I want you to fuck me so good, I will forever be in a wheelchair. I need you inside me, Kevin. My vagina hurts not having you in me"
I see Kevin turned on. He is trying to fight back the urge to fuck me right here amd now. I then walk up and kiss Kevin. I explore my tongue in his mouth without asking. I feel him up but I see him trying to fight back to stop. Its not working. I unbuckle his belt, but he held on my wrist. I sigh Damn.
"Millie, stop. We are not doing this. I am not having sex with you until we get married"
"Until we get married? So you mean we will be together forever?"
Kevin blushed and realize what he said. I laughed and said,
"I know we will be together forever. So why not do it."
"Millie, no"
"Kevin, yes"
We both look into each other's eyes for a moment. I give him my sexy wink and bite my lip. He didn't budge surprisingly. I finally say,
"Okay fine. We won't do it today...But trust me Alston. You will fuck me anytime soon. I bet on it. You can't fight back the horniness you get when you are around me. One day, your horniness will take over you."
I walk out and grab his ass. I turn around and wink at him. Trust me. I will get him to have sex with me. Its about to go down 😏😼

Do you think Millie will finally have sex with Kevin? Will Kevin stay on his grounds and make Millie wait until marriage?

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