Part C

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Kevin is good. I can't break him and it's weird because I know he wants me. So I got another plan. Plan C.

Kevin and I were playing video games. I tried to bet him that if I win, we can fuck. He agreed but he won. So after we finished playing, we ate and now we are in Kevin's room on our phones with the TV on.

Kevin POV
I'm so proud of myself. I'm surprised I didn't have sex with Millie. Now Millie and I are chilling. She tried to bet me to fuck me but I won haha. I was thinking but then I realized I left my charger downstairs. So I asked,
"Babe? Can you get my charger downstairs?"
"Oh okay Papi" she replied with a wink. Fuck. Calling me Papi turns me on. She left the room to get my charger. I slap myself saying No don't think about it. When she comes back, she gives me my charger and sits on my lap. She smirks at me when she sits and then I realize that I have a boner. Shit! Then she said,
"So what should we do, Papi"
My boner got harder. How does she know calling me Papi turns me on? Oh fuck Destiny must have told her. I say,
"Nice try. Calling me Papi will not work."
"Your boner says otherwise" she says while palming my member. Fuck that feels so good. I try to hold back my groans. Then I stutter,
"M-Millie-e s-s-stop"
She continues doing it and slowly does it faster. Then she kisses me hungrily. Damn it. I try to get up but Millie pushes me down. She slowly kisses my neck and man it feels good. She continues putting wet kisses amd hickeys on my neck while palming me. I don't want her to win especially since I care about her so much. I grab her and lay her on the side.
"You are not gonna seduce me Millie"
"Come on! You are so horny right now!"
She touches my member.
"Let me fix it"
I grab her hand and say,
"No. Millie I'm sorry but I know you will regret this."
"I won't though"
"You might not now but sooner or later you are going to use it against me."
"I'm sorry."
She gets up and goes out of the room. Whenever her plans don't work, she goes in the kitchen to eat out her frustration. The way her ass shake while she was walking angrily made me bite my lip. I don't know if this is gonna last long. I don't think Millie will stop.

Millie POV
Okay so Plan C failed. Its okay. I will make Kevin have sex with me. I won't stop.

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