Later in the Week

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Millie POV
I've already wrote a few songs and showed it to Allstar. Taylor and I just need to write two more songs and then we are finish with our album. I'm surprised we are close to our first album. So Brianna and I went to Taylor's house to write the songs. We decided two of the songs should be solos and the other can sing background. We loved that idea since we both dreamt of singing solo until we found each other. Brianna's song was done. It is called, "Don't Be That Guy" (above) and I rap a little in that as well. My song finished a little later in the day. Its called, "V.S.O.P." and its a love song about Daniel. He makes me so happy especially since he accepts my plan. As soon as we finish, we record it and send it to All star. Then, we squeal realizing we just finish our album.

Hey guys. I'm sorry its short. I'll make next chapter longer I hope.

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