After Party Part 1

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Millie POV
We arrive at the after party and man can I tell you it was LIT! There are bars, lit music, a huge dancefloor, delicious foods. It was heaven. All of us sit at a table and head to the dancefloor. I twerk on Kevin and he got another boner. I twerk on him more but then he turn me around so I can stop. Ughh. We both continue dancing until food comes. We all sit at the table and talk. I start to put my hand on Kevin's thigh. Immediately he breathes unequally. He tries to ignore it but I slowly rise up to his member. When I reach it, I palm him. He tries to drink water but chokes on it by how I increase the pace. Devin looks and asks,
"Yo are you okay?"
"Huh? Yeah I'm f-fine"
Devin turns back around and continues looking at the celebrities. Kevin mouth to me stop but I continue. His mouth says stop but his eyes say keep going. Then, he let out a soft moan but no one hears it by the loud music. I smirk and lick my lips. He bites his lip. I kiss him passionately but then he gets up and tells me he is going to the bathroom. I get pissed. That tears it! He is not gonna run from me!

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