Oh My God!!

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Brianna and I went back to work but The Bomb Digz stayed there. Brianna and I were confused but we continued to do our job until our shifts were over.
"Yo you ready BRI" I said
"Yeah just let me get my bag" she replied.
When I walked out, Devin's father followed us and told us he wanted to talk to us.
"So as you know I'm Allstar. I saw you guys perform and I thought you guys
were amazing and I was hoping if I could produce you guys"
Brianna and I screamed and yelled, "YES OF COURSE OH MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING!!"
All-star said great and the rest of the family came out.
Devin asked, "So I guess you told them since they are screaming"
I laughed but Brianna was drooling over the boys. I waved my hand in front of her eyes and snapped at her but she didn't budge.
Mama Shana said, " Okay then...we would like for you guys to come to the studio so you guys can bring your parents and sign the contracts"
I replied, "Sure no problem"
The parents and siblings went to the car leaving Brianna and me with the guys.
Devin said, "I am so excited that you guys will work with my dad. We will hang out a lot"
Brianna squeeled and I gave her that "really Nigga" look.
"Yeah can't wait and hopefully she won't be starstrucked anymore" I laughed.
"Okay so I will see you guys on Saturday?" Daniel asked.
"Sure thing"
"Okay see ya" Daniel and Devin said.
"Bye Millie" Kevin said while smirking. I blushed but I don't think he saw. Kevin turned out and licked his lips as he got to the car. Brianna nudged me saying,
"Dude Kevin totally likes you!"
"Really you think?"
"Yeah it was pretty obvious, he couldn't take his eyes off you"
I blushed.
"Look whose blushing" Brianna said.
I nudged her and said, "Yo let's go home so we can tell our parents the good news"
"Okay, I'm really excited. We can actually get famous and have our dreams come true."
"Yeah I never thought this would happen"
We both walk to the car and went home.

Hey guys I hope you guys are liking it so far. Please give back feedback since I just started writing and I would like to improve.

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