The Day After

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Millie POV
I wake up but Kevin is still sleeping. I admire his perfect face and body when my phone vibrates. I pick it up and its Brianna.
"Hey Millie girl"
"Hey BRI"
"You know what Im talking about. How was last night? You got the D?"
I laugh and say,
"How was it? You're first time"
"It was amazing. It hurt at first but then it went away. Kevin was going too fast so I asked him to slow down. You know what he said?"
"Omg what?"
"Oh 'You wanted this D, now you got it'"
I hear Brianna burst out laughing. I say,
"Its not funny. I'm so sore right now."
"Well you did say you wanted him to fuck you so you in a wheelchair. Careful what you wish for."
"Shut up. I got to go"
"Okay bye bye. Enjoy Round 2"
"I can't feel anything lower than my waist. Trust me. I wont"
I hang up and turn on the TV. Then, I see Kevin move and rub his eyes. He looks at me, smiles, and says,
"Good morning baby girl"
I immediately slap his arm hard. He ribs his arm and says,
"Ow! What was that for?"
"Really? 'You wanted this dick, now you got it'? I am so sore! I can't feel anything below my waist bitch."
He smirks and I smack him.
"Ayy, you wanted it. I warned you"
I roll my eyes and continue watching my show. Kevin tries rubbing my vagina but I say,
"I can't feel anything so I can't moan for you anymore"
"Haha wait until we take a shower"
"Or not. I can't walk"
He smirks and says,
"Want me to get you a wheelchair?"
I slap him and say,
"You think you slick"
He licks his lips and walk in the bathroom. This boy. I lay down and get flashbacks of last night. I smile. I win.

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