Sex Night Part 1

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Millie POV
This is my fault. I'm the one who told him about the plan. Now my vagina hurts and I'm depressed on the best day of my life. I sit down and drink some juice when I see the last person I want to see tonight.
"Go away Kevin"
"I'm sorry baby girl"
"Don't baby girl me."
"Too bad. You are my baby girl"
"No I'm not"
"Yes you are and you will always be. Now come here. I want to show you something"
I look into his eyes and see love and lust. My mind tells me to say no but my heart says to follow him. So I follow my heart. I walk out the party with Kevin. When we get outside, Kevin says,
"Now put this blindfold and these headphones."
"Just trust me"
He smiles that glamorous smile I love so much so I agree. I put them on and then I feel a car ride, steps, and a door. This takes about half and hour. As Kevin takes off the headphones and blindfold. I see this hotel room with candles, rose pedals, and music. I am shocked. Kevin will actually do this with me. I instantly hug him and say,
"Thank you. This is so nice. But you didn't have to do all of this"
"I wanted to. This will be your first time. I want to make it special."
"Thank you but it would already be special because I will be with you."
I peck his lips and say smirking,
"By the way, I win"
"Yeah you do. You also win my heart"
"Aww that's so corny."
We both chuckle and then we kiss passionately and roughly. And you know what this will lead...

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