Should I Trust You?

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Millie POV
I cried the whole week last week. I never knew Kevin would do such a thing. Then again, I didn't think Daniel would do such a thing. This just proves a point; Don't trust anyone. I am watching TV and eating ice cream. I look in my phone to see that it is 6:40. I scoop up some ice cream and shove it in my mouth. I hear a knock on the door.
"Go away!"
I hear another knock.
"I said Go Away!"
They continue to knock.
I sigh and walk to the door. I open while saying,
"I told you to go-"
I stop since I see the last person I want to see.
"Stay the fuck away from me"
"No wait-"
I try to slam the door shut but he sticks out his foot blocking the door. I try to push him, but there's no point since he is stronger than me. I scream,
"Go away! I don't want to talk to you!"
"Millie please let me explain"
"No I didn't! Just please let me explain"
"Explain what Kevin? That you cancel our dates? That you are always secretive on the phone? That you are with a girl smiling the same way you smile at me? No Kevin, I don't need to hear it"
"I can explain everything. I love you. I will never hurt you like that. You are my everything. There is no one better than you for me. You are perfect in my eyes and you are the only one who is perfect. Do you even remember what day it is today?"
I take a moment to think.
"Oh god..."
"It's our 6 month anniversary"
"Yeah, I was secretly on the phone because I was searching for the place where we will celebrate our anniversary. I didn't reply to your calls and messages and cancel our dates because I have been working and planning on this special day."
"What about that girl at Dunkin Donuts?"
Kevin smiles and takes out a small red box. I gasp when he opens it. I see a silver infinity and heart ring. I admire the ring and he says,
"I have been looking through hundreds of stores and couldn't find anything. So I hired Lina, who is the girl at Dunkin Donuts, to make this ring"
"Yeah it's one of a kind...just like you"
I smile at him and tear up a little bit.
"Millie, I love you more than anything I'm this world"
"And Kevin, I love you more than life itself"
I smash my lips against his with all the power in me. I smile and realize that he is the one. He is my one true love. As we separate, I put the ring on my finger and admire it. When I look at Kevin, I see that he is admiring me. I blush. Then he says,
"How am I so lucky to have you in my life?"
"How am I is the question"
We both chuckle. Kevin then goes to the hallway and takes out a bag. Then he hugs me, and whispers in my ear,
"Put this on. I will pick you up at 8. Be ready"
He lets go and smiles while he walks away. Should I trust him? Yes, yes I should

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