Daniel's "Date"

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It is 4pm and Daniel said he is picking me up at 7. I was on my phone watching iisuperwomanii videos "You Know You Love Food When" (above- by the way check her YouTube vids out. She is awesome) when Taylor texts me about the date.
Tay💟- So what are you gonna wear?
Me- A nice shirt with jeans. We are just gonna go to the park close to us so
Tay💟- Nice! A simple outfit. Do you think you like him?
Me- Idk I mean he is cute and sweet but there is something about Kevin that makes me smile.
Tay💟- So you like Kevin?
Me- No because Daniel makes me smile too.
Tay💟- Millie you are going to have to make up your mind.
Me- I know. I just can't do that at the moment.
Tay💟- Well when you go on your dates with the guys, you are gonna have to choose soon.
Me- I know. Yo I gtg.
Taylor is right. I need to pick one but I don't know who.

It is 6 so I decide to get ready. I did my hygiene, put eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick on, and I straighten my hair. I put on a grey crop top that says "FLAWLESS", jeans, and black and white adidas. When I was done, it was 6:45 so I watched more iisuperwomanii videos until Daniel texted me saying he is outside. I got my phone, keys, and purse and rushed to the car.
Daniel said, "Hey!"
I replied, "Hey, whats up"
"Gizzy so are you hungry"
"A little bit"
More like starving
"Wanna go to Chick-FilA"
Daniel drives us to Chick-FilA and we order our food. I found a table and Daniel got our food. While we are eating our food, we got to know our backgrounds and favorite foods. Daniel makes me laugh everytime he speak. He looks at me as if I was the only girl there. His smiles brings butterflies in my stomach. He is just so sweet and so nice. As soon as we were done, we drove to the park. It was dark so we decide to lay on the grass and look at the sky. The stars were beautiful and there was a full moon. So both of us looked into our eyes. I see his eyes sparkle. It's breathtaking. Then, Daniel said softly,
"Look Millie, I really like you and I know we just met, but whenever I am with you, you make me smile. I feel like we connect."
I blushed really hard. We both stand up. Daniel brush my face and start to lean in. I leaned a little but then I pull away.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
I knew what was wrong but I did not want to tell him. I did not want to tell him that I did not want to kiss him because I also have feelings for Kevin.
"Nothing it's just...I need time to think about it"
Daniel nodded and said, "Okay take all the time you want. I'll be here."
I smile and we both head to the car so he can drive me home. For the car ride not to be awkward, I turned on the radio and it played Watcha Say by Jason Derulo. We both sang to it until I got home.
"Well bye Daniel, see you soon"
"Bye Millie, I'll wait for you"
Daniel took my hand and kiss it. I blush and head back to the house. I ran up to my room and plop on my bed. Then I got a text saying, "Goodnight Baby girl 💕"
I smile and think that it was from Daniel but when I saw the name, it was not from Daniel. It was from Kevin.

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