A Month Later

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Kevin POV
I've been dating Destiny for a month, and I'm so lucky to have her. She is the most amazing, funniest, prettiest, and most talented girl in the world. I'm so glad I can call her mine. Also I'm so glad I'm over Millie. Now Millie and I are best friends and whenever we need someone, we will be there for each other. I always give her advice on Daniel and she gives me advice on Destiny. It works and I'm so happy.

Millie POV
I am hanging out with Daniel at his house and we are playing video games. While we were playing, I beat him. I shouted,
I was jumping up and down dancing wierdly. Daniel got up and said softly,
"You my mama"
Then he kissed me passionately. He never kissed me like that. It was so heated. He licked my bottom lip asking for an extrance and without any thought, I accept. His tongue was exploring my mouth.
"Jump" He mumbled. I obeyed him without thinking and jump wrapping my legs around his waist. He brought me to his room and locked it. He laid me down and started kissing my neck. No you shouldn't! Don't forget your plan! I paniced and push him off me lightly and said,
"I can't"
He looked at me confused and asked,
I couldn't finish. I couldn't tell him the truth. I just said instead,
"I gotta go"
I took my things, peck Daniel on the lips, and head out the door.

Kevin POV
I just finished watching another episode of Empire when I hear the doorbell. When I open it, I see Millie crying.
"Oh my god, what's wrong?"
I let her in and let her sit on my couch. I bring a blanket to cover her and I go in the kitchen to make hot coco with marshmallows. That's Millie's favorite beverage when she's sad. I bring it to her and she said,
"Thank you"
"No problem now what's going on?"
She looked down and starting crying again. I pat her on the back and whisper,
"Come on. You can tell me anything"
"Umm... Well Daniel and I were chilling playing video games and then I beat him. I jumped up and down and yelled at him, You know, because I'm competitive like that bowling date we had"
I nodded and she continued,
"Well he got up and passionately kissed me. Then it continued to get heated until I stopped it and ran out"
She started crying again.
"Well why couldn't you have sex with him?"
"Because I..."
She starts sobbing again.
"I...I am religious. I believe in no sex until marriage"
I was shocked. She doesn't want sex until she is married. My eyes are widen. She look up and yell,
She sob harder and I hug her. Then, I say softly,
"Daniel really likes you. He is a good person. He will wait. The thing is you have to tell him though or else he will try again"
I look at her red puffy eyes and smile. That cause her to smile.
"Okay then, I guess I have to talk to Daniel. I'm scared."
"Don't be"
Millie hugs me. Then she looks at the TV and sees that I was watching Empire.
"Hey I finished there, too. Can I watch it with you?"
"Of course. I'll get popcorn."
I got the popcorn and watch Empire for the night.

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