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Millie POV
I wake up with Kevin not by my side. I see a note saying,
Sorry I had to leave. I needed to do somethingreal quick but I'll be back soon. Check downstairs and you'll see your breakfast
I smile at the note, put a sweatpants on with a tank top, and then I go downstairs to the kitchen. I see pancakes, eggs, sausages, and a lot of bacon. This nigga knows me so well. I start eating the food and going on my phone. Ever since I won the best album, I've been getting a bunch of followers. I am at 387k. After I'm done with breakfast, I go upstairs and do my hygiene. I hear my room door open and then my bathroom door. I hear,
"Hey baby girl. Care if I join?"
Kevin think he slick haha.
"Yes I do care. I'm done"
I turn off the water and get out of the bathtub. As I dry myself, Kevin looks at me up and down admiring my body. I say,
"You are just so beautiful"
He comes closer when he sees me blushing and kisses me softly. He says,
"I love you"
"I love you more"
"Not possible"
"Yes possible"
I stop the kiss and say,
"I'm going to put clothes on."
"What's the point of putting some on if I will take it off?"
"Because I'm not in the mood for sex and I will slap you if you try"
"Ugh fine"
He crosses his arms and pout. He is so childish but I still love him. I kiss his forehead and start putting clothes on. I see Kevin on his phone laying on my bed.
"Who are you texting?"
"No one"
"Doesn't look like no one"
"Its not important babe"
"Hmm okay"
"Don't be mad. Its nothing. Just drop it"
I try to drop it but it's still in my mind. This is what happened with Daniel. He was on his phone a lot and told me it's not important. I get paranoid. Is Kevin cheating on me?

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