The Mall

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I am at the mall with Brianna and Taylor. The awards is next week and we still do not have a dress. I don't even know what kind of dress I want. Its been weeks since I tried to seduce Kevin. He thinks I'm giving up but I am getting him a little something. After the awards, we all are going to the after party and I'm so excited. I'm looking for a dress to wear but then I get frustrated,
"Ughh guys help me!"
"What do you need" Taylor asks.
"Well I need a dress that makes me look so sexy that Kevin will need to have sex with me"
"Ahh so that's Plan D?"
"Yep and it will sure work" I smirk.
"Well then let's get to looking"
Brianna, Taylor, and I look through hundreds of stores but then I finally find a dress that will sure make Kevin drop.
"Oh my gosh Millie! That looks amazing on you!"
"Trust me, Kevin will want to fuck you with this dress"
Get ready Kevin. Plan D will totally work.

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