20 Years Later (Last Chapter)

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Hi, my name is Tru. My mom and dad are Millie and Kevin. I've always wanted to sing since its in my blood. My mom and dad are amazing singers. There are a duo. They announced it in their wedding. Anyway, I have an older brother name Matthew and a little sister name Britney. We are a big happy family. I turned 16 a while ago and my mom told me to work at her diner. That was where she met my dad. So Ive been working there for a few months and its actually really fun. I love singing there with my new friend Kacey.
I am working at the diner now with Kacey when I see a cute dark skin boy coming in. As soon as he looks at me, he couldn't stop. I blush and continue working. Kacey sees the actions and says,
"I think I found your soulmate"
"Shut up"
"Well he's cute."
"Mm yeah I know"
"Then go for it!"
"No! Come on, I have no chance with him"
"Dude your mom dated your dad when he was famous. If your mom can date someone famous, then you can date a cute boy here"
I process what Kacey is saying and she is right. If my mom can do it, so can I.
"Okay, later when he is done"
Kacey smiles and says
"Okay great. Now let's perform"
Kacey and I get ready and begin to sing "Possible" sung by my parents. I sing it with Kacey and the dark skin boy looks at me and smiles. I blush while I sing and couldn't stop until the song is over. I walk up to him and say,
"So you like my best friends' and I's performance?"
"Yeah your really talented"
"Thanks. Got it from my parents. They are Millie and Kevin"
"No way, my parents are Devin and Brianna"
"Woah our parents are best friends. How come I never see you?"
"Because I don't like going to family friends houses. I get bored. I stopped going when I turned 10."
"So, do you maybe wanna get something to eat tomorrow night?"
"Yeah sure" I blush.
"Sweet I'll pick you up at 7"
"Sweet. Here's my phone number"
"Nice, well its nice meeting you"
"Yeah you too"
He smiles and walks away. Then, he remember and ask,
"Wait what's your name?"
"Tru, you?"
"My name's Kevin"
I smile and he walks away. Huh? Like my father.

I come home to see my mom in the kitchen cooking. I tell her what happened with Kevin and I and she couldn't stop smiling.
"So you found yourself a Kevin huh?"
"Haha yeah"
"Well if anyone else tries to take your heart, don't let them. Stick with him, okay? He seems like a nice boy"
"He is. Thanks mom."
"No problem"
I rush upstairs to find out what I'm gonna wear tomorrow.

Millie POV
I'm so proud Tru found someone. I bet its her soulmate. I see Kevin come down and kiss my cheek and say,
"Hey baby, where are the kids?"
"Matthew went to his friends' house, Britney's upstair, and Tru is in her room"
"Tru found a boy at work."
"Oh no. I'm killing him"
"No baby, she is sixteen. She is growing up"
"Ugh okay, what's his name?"
"Haha Kevin"
Kevin smirks and says,
I chuckle and slap him. After a while, I ask,
"You think that boy will be her soulmate?"
"Maybe, if that Kevin boy is like me, then most likely"
"I hope my baby will be okay"
"She will. She has us as parents"
We both chuckle. Then I say,
"I love you"
"I love you more"
"Not possible"
"Yes possible"

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