Plan B

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I'm at the mall with Taylor and Brianna. Since I forgive them, I'm trying to get back to normal. I'm at Forever 21 picking clothes but I can't stop thinking about how Kevin keeps on rejecting me. And the fact is the reason for it is so sweet that it makes me want to fuck him more. It is just so stressful. Then I get interrupted from my thoughts by Brianna.
"Hey are you okay?"
"Hmm? Oh yeah great"
Taylor says, "Millie what's going on? You haven't been talking. Is it about us?"
"No, no, Im over that now. Its just that..."
I'm wondering if I should tell them. I mean yeah I trust them, but I don't want them to think I'm crazy.
"Never mind"
"No, no you can tell us. Taylor and I won't judge you. We can help."
I think for a moment but then I finally decide to tell them.
"You see...when I confronted Daniel and broke up with him, I went to Kevin's house. I was so sad that I kissed Kevin and tried to have sex with him"
Both of them gasp and yell,
"Okay guys. Could you guys lower your voices? I don't want everyone in Forever 21 know my business."
They both reply,
I then continue,
"Anyway, I didn't have sex with him because he rejected it. He knew how much the no sex till marriage plan means to me so we didn't do it. So later on, Kevin and I have been hanging out and stuff and then we kissed again and again. Every time I kiss him, I just get heated up and then I want to have sex but I can't because Kevin always stops it. Then I slept on the idea of sleeping with Kevin and realize that I want to have sex with Kevin and that I don't care about the plan. So I try to seduce him but he would reject me and say 'I cant. I'm helping you with your plan. I tell him I dont care about the plan anymore but he keeps on rejecting. Hw gets a fuxking boner everytime he sees me. He still doesnt do it. Now I'm horny as fuck and I want to fuck him but he isn't budging"
They both were speechless. Then Taylor finally said,
"Wow. Mildred Suzanne Agenor wants to have sex with a guy. Is this reality?"
We all chuckle and then I sighed and said,
"Guys help me! I'm trying to seduce Kevin! I tried palming him but he went to the bathroom and jacked off. I even tried moaning in his ear"
"Did you nibble it?" Brianna asked.
"Yepp" I said.
Taylor said, "Ooh I have a plan. This will totally make Kevin horny enough to fuck you."
I got intrigued and listen to Plan B.

When I left the mall, I went to Kevin's house. Kevin is playing video games while I am taking a shower. I make sure my skin is soft and smooth. Then I put on my sexy bra and underwear I bought at Victoria Secrets today, with the help of Taylor. It is red lace. I then get out of the bathroom and when Kevin turn around, his mouth drop. Great! Plan B is in motion. I say,
"Hey babe. Watcha doing?"
"Millie, go in the bathroom and put on some clothes."
"Hmm no thanks. I'm too hot."
I walk right towards him and sit on his lap. His eyes are staring from my boobs to my ass. He bites his lips and then fights to look away but its not working. I say,
"Oh my god babe! Its still hot in here. Wanna help me take this off?"
He opens his mouth and says nothing. He is about to deny. That is when I immediately smash my lips against his. He kiss back hungry and then I smirk. Finally! I start grinding on Kevin's hard member and he starts groaning while kissing me. Then all of a sudden, he take me off the chair and drops me on the bed without leaving my lips once. Then, he gets up, smirks, and says,
"Nice try baby girl. You fail...again"
Then he goes in the bathroom. I bet to jack off again.
"Damn it" I mumble. Plan B failed.

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