Back to Work

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It was nice to go back to work at the diner. I haven't worked in a while. I love serving people and giving them my positive energy. During my break, I was writing my song since I cancel working with Taylor to work. As soon as I finished, Brianna walked in and said,
"Yo you finished with the song?"
"Yup, it's called Should Have Been Us" (above)
"Nice! When are we gonna show Allstar?"
"Next week, we are not gonna dance in this. We are gonna do our own thing."
"Sweet! Speaking of sweet, Daniel or Kevin?"
I pulled the middle finger at her. Then, I layed back and looked at the ceiling and replied, "I don't know"
Brianna sat next and comforted me.
"What am I gonna do? I connect with both of them in a special way. It's hard to choose"
"Its okay. They said they will wait for you so you still have time. Just look and see which guy has the most spark"
I kept that in mind. I got up and said, "Breaks over. I should go back to work"
I walk out of the lounge and saw Daniel with chocolates. I walk up to him and ask, "What are you doing here?"
"I'm here to give you these chocolates"
He handed me the chocolates. I blushed and said,
"Thank you, you are really sweet"
"Your welcome. Hey can I talk to you outside for a minute?"
"Uh sure"
He pulled me outside.
"So what do you ne-"
I got cut by his lips against mine. I kissed back and for a moment, I felt spark. He stopped and said softly, "When you discuss if you want to be with Kevin or me, remember that kiss"
He walked away and I looked at him shocked. I walked inside and I saw Brianna at the window. I said,
"Really you easdropped?"
"Yeah so? I'm your best friend. Anyway, that kiss doe! I only saw it and I saw spark. Daniel's the guy for you"
At first I smiled but it soon faded when I started thinking about Kevin. Should I be with Daniel?

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