Rollerskating Date

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I was on my break and I saw Destiny walk in for her shift. I quickly ran to her and said,
"Hey Dez, what's up?"
"Hey Millie. Just coming to work. How about you?"
"Oh nothing, hey so Daniel, Kevin, and I are going roller skating tonight we thought you should come to."
"The same Kevin who liked you but you pick Daniel over him? Are you setting him up with me so he will get over you?"
Damn it, she's smart. I sighed and say,
"Yeah but I want him to be happy and you are such a chill person that I thought maybe he should date you"
Destiny smiled and said,
"Sure, I'll go tonight. I've seen him sing. He is good singer. Plus he's cute."
"Perfect. We will pick you up at 8"
We giggled and went to work.

It was 7 o'clock so I decided to get ready. I put on a pink and white crop hoodie and jeans. I straighten my hair and only put mascara. I got a text from Daniel.
Babe💕😍- Hey baby I'm outside.
I grab my essentials and left my house.

Kevin POV
I don't know how to feel about this. I don't know if I'm ready to move on. But I have to. Millie did. I sighed and went to my closet. I put on a white shirt and jeans. Okay be cool. Don't look at Millie. Focus on Destiny. She is really cute...but not as cute as Millie. NO STOP IT. MOVE ON. I was interrupted by a text message.
Millie- Yo we are outside.
I grab my phone and head out the door.

Millie POV
We arrive at the roller skating rink. Daniel, Destiny, Kevin, and I went to get our roller skates and put them. As soon as Daniel and I put them on, we started skating leaving Kevin and Destiny behind.

Kevin POV
Once I put my skates on, I see Daniel and Millie skating leaving Destiny with me. Here it goes. I asked Destiny,
"So you like skating?"
"Yeah although I'm not really an expert so I fall ALL the time haha"
We both laughed. Then I said,
"Trust me. I'm not either. Let's go"
I stood up and held out my hand for Destiny to grab. She finally did and we both started skating.

Millie POV
While I was skating with Daniel, I looked back to see how Kevin and Destiny are doing. They were both laughing and losing their balance. Then all of a sudden, they both fell on to each other and they started to laugh. I started to laugh too. Then I saw Kevin leaning in to Destiny. This is it. I nudged Daniel who was on his phone when I was staring at them and said,
"Told you so"
We both laughed at continued to skate.

Kevin POV
Both Destiny and I fell. We both laughed so hard. Then I saw her beautiful brown sparkly eyes and I saw how cute her laugh is. Then I realize how soft her lips look. I lean in and then before I knew it, my lips were attached to Destiny's. We were about to put tongue until a man yelled at us saying,
"Yo get off the floor. Some of us are skating here."
We laughed and got up and got some food. I looked at Destiny and thought, Millie who?

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