One More Month Later

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I was writing songs in my room when I hear a door knock.
"Come in!" I yelled.
There I saw my wonderful boyfriend who accepts me for me. I got up and peck his lips.
"Hey babe. How's it going?"
I replied, "Nothing much just writing some songs"
We both sat down on my bed.
"Hey so I haven't seen you in a while." Daniel said.
"Yeah I'm sorry. I'm finished with the album. I'm still writing songs for my second album. Plus Brianna and I have been doing a few concerts. Its awesome"
"I'm so happy you are getting famous. Next thing you know we will both be on tour."
"Eeeee!! I can't wait!"
I jump on Daniel and hug him. As soon as we let go, he touches my cheek softly and kisses me. It automatically turns into a makeout session. We slowly lay down and all of a sudden, I feel Daniel touch my butt. I immediately stop and say,
"Stop, I told you my plan."
We stood up and he said,
"I'm sorry. You just have a perfect body. Sometimes, I just can't help myself"
We both laughed and I blushed. He caress my cheek saying,
"You are so beautiful."
I blush and then he continue saying,
"I love you"
I look at him surprised. This is the first time he told me he loved me. Well we have been dating for a little over three months. We felt love amongst us but we never actually say it. Until now.
"I love you, too"
I kiss him passionately and I smile like a huge idiot. Honestly Daniel is the best boyfriend ever. What can go wrong?

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