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I finished my shift at the diner and I was about to leave when I saw Daniel holding a plastic bag and a smoothie. I rolled my eyes and walked up to him fake smiling. He saw me, smiled, and said,
"Hey I brought you your favorite. Wendy's baconator and fries, Red Lobsters garlic biscuits, and a strawberry shortcake you love at shoprite. Plus I have your favorite berry smoothie from Costco"
I looked at the bag and not looking at his eyes saying, "Daniel what's going on?"
He chuckled and said, "What do you mean?"
"You only give me my favorite food when you did something wrong, but you brought 3 of my favorite foods so you must have fucked up."
Daniel paused and looked down.
"Tell me"
"Millie I-"
I interrupted yelling, "cheated on me with one of my best friends, Taylor"
Daniel eyes were widened and his mouth was hung loose.
"How did you know?"

It was after the movies and it was 7 pm and we decided to hang at Daniel's place to watched The Fosters. We were sitting on the couch all cuddled up when Daniel got up and said,
"Hey babe I'm going to get a soda, you want one?"
I replied, "No thanks babe"
Daniel left. I remembered I forgot that I did not tell my mom that I would be at his house. I forgot my phone at my house so I took Daniel's phone and started to text my mom when I saw a text from by Taylor.
Taylor- Hey Daniel. I'm sorry I can't do this anymore. I am betraying Millie. Our hookups are over.
For a moment, I could not believe it until I kept on reading the text messages. Then, I find one message that breaks my heart.
Daniel- Hey wanna hook up? I am really horny and need to have sex with someone but Millie is on that fucked up "no sex until marriage" plan.
Taylor- No! She is my best friend. I will never do that to her.
Daniel- Oh come on. I know you have been flirting with me. Trust me. Millie will never know
Taylor- I don't know
Daniel- Just think about it
20 minutes later
Taylor- Fine I'll do it. Come by my house around 10.
When I heard footsteps, I pressed the home button, locked his phone, and continued to watch the show. Daniel came back and asked,
"You alright babe?"
"Oh fine" I faked smiled.
Flashback over

Daniel looked down and opened his mouth to say something but did not. There was a moment of silence. I looked down. Then Daniel suddenly said,
"Look Millie I'm sorry-"
I interrupted him saying, "No you are not. If you did you would not have done it, I'm surprised it took you this long to admit you have been cheating on me for a month after we have been dating for 4."
"Millie, babe..." He attempted to hold my hand but I pulled my hand back.
"Don't 'babe' me...See a normal heartbroken person would dump you right here and now, take that smoothie and poor it on your head, then take the food. After I would cry over you for two weeks wondering what was wrong with me and why I said I wanted to wait for sex"
He looked down but I grabbed his hand and smiled and say, "but I won't do that"
He smiled.
I continued smiling and said, "I will dump you right here and now, not poor the smoothie on your head and not take the food because that would be immature, and walk out not crying and knowing that you were just a bastard who lost someone who later you will regret losing because you are missing out on a lot"
I walk outside to my car still smiling. I felt confident and not all heartbroken. But I only lasted 20 min. I ran to the one person who I can talk to, the one person who I can count on to make me happy, that one person who will never hurt me like that motherfucker did. I knocked on the door and it was swung open.
"Hey Millie"
"Hey Kevin"

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