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Kevin POV
As soon as I walk in the bathroom, Daniel and Devin look at me, frown, and shake their heads. I sigh and say,
"I know what you are gonna say?"
Daniel replies,
"Dude, she really wants to be with you. She loves you and cares for you. You have done so much for her since you comforted her over...my mistake. She really appreciates it and now wants to give you the world. Even her body and virginity. I know you care for her but she looks like the only thing that can make her happy is to have sex with her."
"You are right. I have been trying to do the best for her and I thought not having sex with her and supporting her plan would help but it just ruined it. I'll have sex with her but not in this bathroom. I'll make it special that way she will never forget it"
Devin smiles and says,
"That's my boy. Now go fuck the living shit outta her"
We all chuckle and then we leave the bathroom. I get my phone to make calls for this special night. It will be perfect.

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