The Mall

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Kevin POV
I'm at the mall with the guys buying a suit for the awards. I'm so happy for my baby girl to be nominated. I know she is gonna win. She is talented. I walk in Men's Warehouse and look at the suits. Devin asks,
"So what color will Millie be wearing?"
"Navy blue"
I hear Devin and Daniel sighing oh shit and damn. I ask,
"What's the problem?"
Daniel answers,
"Dude, navy blue makes girls look sexier. I think she is trying to seduce you again."
"What? I don't think so. She gave up, remember?"
"No, she took a break so she can focus on the nomination. But at the awards, I think she is planning on seducing you there. And the after party"
I pause. Maybe he's right.
"Whatever, she can't win. She tried 4 times and I didn't budge"
Devin explains,
"But dude, you had to jack off to not be with her. When she wears the dress, are you just gonna excuse yourself and jack off every time?"
I think about it.
"Well if I have to, then yeah"
"You will have to go every five minutes."
"Okay then"
Both of them shake their heads and continue looking at suits. Millie can't possibly be wearing a sexy dress. She will not win this time. I'll make sure of it.

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