Working On Songs

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Millie POV
I'm getting more frustrated with Kevin. So, I decide to take my frustration out in song. Yes, I also eat, but I can't eat all the time or else I'll explode. I'm with Brianna working on our second album. Our first album was popular. I'm surprised at how everyone likes our songs. My album was popular, too. More popular than the first album! I've been going to interviews and talking about my songs. They also asked me about the Daniel and Taylor situation, but all I said was that it was okay and I have forgiven them mainly because I have been falling for Kevin without noticing. Then we talk about Kevin and I talk about how he is my perfect match.
While Brianna and I were working, Allstar walk in and he looks happy. I say,
"Hey Allstar, what's up?"
"I have some exciting news for you guys!"
"Really? What is it"
"Yup. You guys have been nominated for best album for the New Artist Awards!" (This is a fake award show lol)
Both of us gasp and squeal. Kevin and Devin walk in and says,
"So I guess you told them the good news"
I jump on Kevin and kiss him. I can't believe it. We are nominated!! Devin soon says,
"We need to celebrate! Red Lobsters?"
Brianna and I both yell,
"Hell yeah"
We screamed some more and then all of us head to Red Lobsters. I can't believe it. Our careers are finally blowing up.

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