The Awards Part 2

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Millie POV
We arrive at the red carpet and all I see are flashing lights and celebrities. I walk in with Kevin who is still in shocked with my dress. We pose to take pictures so I pose in front of Kevin so I can hide his boner. Then we go to a reporter and she says,
"Wow Millie! You look hot!"
"Aww thanks haha"
"I bet Kevin loves that on you, don't you Kevin"
"Uh yeah. She looks stunning"
I felt his boner get harder so I end the interview and walk inside. Then I pull Kevin to a hallway where no one is around. I push him on the wall and whisper sexually,
"Aww baby, you have a visible boner. Let me fix that for you"
I unbuckle his pants but then Kevin holds my wrist,
"I know what you're doing babe, and you will not succeed."
"You sure? If I don't give you what you need, you will be walking around with that"
"I'm fine, thanks"
He peck my lips and go in the bathroom. Ughh he needs to stop jerking off.

We enter to the awards and it is stunning. Throughout the show, Brianna and I laugh and dance to what is going on. I try and dance sexually so Kevin can be turned on and when he sees, he bites his lips and try to look away. Then before I know it, they are announcing the nominations for best album. I hold Brianna's and Kevin's hands. Zendaya announces the nominees.
She states,
"The nominees are: 5SOS, Sophia Carson, Millie&Brianna, and Lucas Graham"
She continues saying,
"I winners of the best album award goes to..."
I squeeze Brianna's and Kevin's hand. If we win, this will change our lives. This will totally make my life more special and it will take a new step in my career. I breath hesitately and lean in as Zendaya is about to announce the winner.
Both of us shriek and hug each other. Then I kiss Kevin with a passion. After I'm done, Brianna and I jog to the podium. We both are out of breath so we take time to breathe and cry for joy. Then Brianna begin stating,
"Oh my gosh! This means so much to us since this is our first award. It seems like yesterday that we would perform in the diner. Now we won an award! We would like to thank our fans, Allstar, and God for making our dreams come true"
I bug in stating,
"Yeah and thank you Bomb Digz for inspiring us to sing. See we were digaz. Thank you baby for having my back and pushing me to do this. I love you!"
We both blow kisses and sit back at our seats. I immediately kiss Kevin again and repeatly say,
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
"Hey don't thank me. You are the one who is talented. You deserve this award."
"I love you"
"I love you more"
"Not possible"
"Yes possible"

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