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I was going to kill him.

My grip tightened around the fork in my hand, trying with all my might not to stab him with it right at that moment considering there was a few too many witnesses.

I had to get him back to the house so I could literally throttle him and unleash holy hell on his head because if I blew up in this crowded garden in front of all these people then that would not be good for anyone.

It was times like these where I missed working for the agency, knowing that if I lost my temper in public then I had professionals who would clear the mess up for me.

“When I walk in the spot, this is what I SEEEE! Everybody stops and staring at me, I got passion in my pants and I aint’ afraid to show it…I’m sexy and I know it!” Jace sang at the top of his lungs along to the music, holding his beer bottle in the air while thrusting his hips when the beat kicked in just like they did in that damn video.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to focus on my anger towards him about the fact he was drunk out of his skull dancing to that song like a moron in front of all our neighbours and embarrassing the hell out of me.  To be honest, I was trying with all my might to hold back the laughter as I watched him thrust his hips while biting his bottom lip and doing a spanking motion with his hand. If it wasn’t for the fact I was humiliated beyond belief right now, I would be rolling on the floor crying with laughter because even I had to admit, it was pretty damn funny.

Garry was laughing loudly as he watched Jace, along with pretty much every single other person at this party.  Garry was our next door neighbour and the guy hosting this party, he had about the same mental age as Jace so it was no shocker those two got along so well and that he was too drunk out of his skull and dancing like he was on speed.

I continued to glare at Jace and pretty soon he caught my eye, that playful smirk was soon on his lips as he realised I was seriously embarrassed by his actions and he was loving every minute of it. He walked away from Garry and the other lads that lived on the street, who had all somehow been persuaded to drink more than their monthly limit at this party, by my loving partner of course.

Not only was Jace possibly the worst influence ever and had somehow managed to get everyone drunk at a small neighbourhood gathering, but he had somehow managed to start some sort of dance marathon where fully grown men were attempting to break dance and do the robot.

Nice to know my husband really was the life and soul of this party.

His eyes were still on me, that same boyish smirk that he mastered as a teenager still plastered on his lips. Even as a 29 year old man now, he still pulled it off like a pro as much as kills me to admit it. He made his way over towards me, literally shimmying the whole way over like some sort of belly dancer. Once again I closed my eyes and inhaled.

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