The Shy Girl Has a Gun...Chapter 25

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“The guy’s name is Lee Golding. He owns the club that he set on fire last night, making him suspect number 1 for the role of the drug lord.” Chris explained as I read through the file in front of me.

Chris, to my surprise, had woke up early this morning and run the guys picture through the system already, and about 5 minutes later we had every possible detail you could think of about him. I could sit here and tell you about the birthmark on the top of his knee in detail if you asked me to.

I was thankful when Chris handed me the file over breakfast this morning. Last night with Drake had helped take my mind off things, but as soon as it was over I was back to thinking. Jace was still asleep as I had not seen him all morning. Me and Chris were discussing the case on the kitchen table while Drake and Connor were in the living room watching ‘the fresh prince of bel air’ and singing along to the theme tune.

“...I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said ‘you’re moving with your auntie and uncle in bel air...’” They both sang in unison, making their voices high pitched and popping their shoulders in rhythm with the beat. I rolled my eyes as I watched them.

How they are some of the deadliest men in England right now, I will never know.

My eyes scanned through the files in front of me, something not quite clicking in my head about the information.

“What?” Chris asked, noticing the look of apprehension on my face.

“It just doesn’t add up.” I replied, shaking my head slightly. I looked up at a confused Chris “The files say that Lee Golding purchased the club he set on fire last night 2 weeks ago. The drug lord has been running his business for over a month now, and there have been reports of drug dealing in the club before Lee Golding owned it.”

Chris thought this through for a minute, slowly coming to the same conclusion as I was “So you’re saying the dealers were already using the club as a sort of refuge before Lee Golding brought it?”

I nodded “Yeah, which means that whoever owned the club before Lee did is probably in on this whole drug lord business as well, and I have a feeling the previous owner was the one running the show.”

Chris took the file from me and skipped a few pages “There was no name for the previous owner. Looks like whoever sold the club covered their tracks well.”

“And why would they cover them well unless they had something to hide?”

Chris looked deep in thought, before a slight bit of irritation went through his face “You do know if you are right about this that means that Lee Golding is not the drug lord but just an accomplice to this whole thing. Putting us straight back to square one.”

I sighed “I know. I think whoever owned the club before sold to Lee because someone was on to them, so by selling it covered his tracks but it also kept the club at his disposal because Lee was someone he was working with. The dealers could gather there even after the real drug lord was no longer the owner. Lee is now the official documented owner of the club, meaning the real drug lord has nothing to worry about if the club gets raided and the police find the dozen or so dealers and bags of illegal substances scattered about the place.”

“Smart man.” Chris commented dryly. “So today we are covering groundwork on Lee Golding, as well as trying to find the previous owner of the club.”

“Yup.” I popped the p “I’m thinking steak out and surveillance on Lee Golding, and while I’m doing that you can try and dig up the name of the real drug lord. You were always better with the computer shit.”

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